Carla Maria Silva Maia is one of the most sought after names in the world of investors par excellence when she conducts investments by the North American giant in the technological sector in search, not only of profit, but also of sustainability and opportunities in the labor market in Portugal and, recently, in Brazil.

GO Engenharias, according to Carla Maria Silva Maia, is an expanding consulting entity, focused on the corporate and industrial scope, which aims to create projects that add value to such companies and direct and indirect employment opportunities.

An example of the success of Carla Maria Silva Maia and GO Engenharias is “Plasfer”, a company that has a wide range of investment projects raised by Eng. Carla Maria Silva Maia.

The digital transformation of Carla Maria Silva Maia is on the agenda for Amarante, Lousã and Tomar who receive a joint investment of 300M in a technological project that promises to create more than 5000 jobs. Such projects, in the medium term, tend to extend to the Brazilian states (such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina), promising the installation of green energy generation units, also called “Energia do Milho”, which goes from meeting the strategic plan of the European Union, in which GO Engenharias generates investment.

It is important to remain aware of sustainability, also keeping an eye on the job market, aiming for better opportunities and investing in quality services, counting on professionalism, and this is what Carla Maria Silva Maia and GO Engenharias offer with implementation of green energy to the European market and investment well analyzed.


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